Monday, March 01, 2010

Welcome, March

I like March. I think it's because it mentally feels like spring is coming. In reality (in Minnesota, anyway), spring might not actually come until the middle of April. Or later. But even the gradual lengthening of days and occasional melting of snow and icicles offers a bit of a promise of something much better than these dreary, chilly days of the last few months.

To usher in this springtime month, I am going to blog every day. Just because. I used to write a lot more. I guess chasing two kids around every day prevents some of that. :) But the truth is that with Jack and Leah around, I really have MUCH more to write about. So I'm going to. Maybe it will get me back in the habit. I can't promise long, intelligent posts every day. Maybe sometimes I'll post a few pictures. Who knows.

Anyway, here goes nothing.


Mom said...

Oh, YAY!! Your writing and pics of my sweet kids is just what I need!

Heidi said...

Oh goody!! I am excited to read more of your posts!!