Saturday, November 26, 2005

Bye bye, blue tape!

June, 2004. Move into new home in Maple Grove. See obvious need for improvement. Tackle kitchen and bathroom with plans for continued efforts at a later date.

May, 2005. Later date arrives. Summer seems like an optimal time to continue with the home improvement projects, most of which involve paint. Leave Home Depot with a BUNCH of stuff.

June, 2005. School gets out. All right, time to start. Where do we start? With blue tape. Taping off proves to be a very time-consuming job.

July, 2005. Actually begin to paint. Dark trim is to become "Tibetan Jasmine," walls will transform into "Parisian Taupe." Sounds pretty.

July 7, 2005. Positive pregnancy test. Hmm, I better really get going on this painting before I get sick or too tired to do anything.

A few days later in July, 2005. Damn. I'm sick and too tired to do anything.

Middle of July, 2005. Despite the need for frequent breaks to the bathroom or to bed, painting commences. Although things are slow going, I resolve to finish by the start of school.

September 6, 2005. School begins. Painting is not done. But we're so close. All that is really left is fixing the office/baby room since the grey turned out to be pretty ugly, and finishing the entry way. The latter requires a ladder. We don't have a ladder. Entry way remains taped off. We appear to be in a constant state of remodeling. But we aren't.

November 20, 2005. Office truly becomes baby room. "Celery bunch" is much more appropriate than ugly grey.

November 25, 2005. Borrow ladder from friends. You know, one of those awesome ladders that has its own info-mercial.

November 26, 2005. Entry way is completed, thanks to the ladder and some Christmas tunes on the stereo. Granted, a pregnant woman shouldn't work on a ladder when it is too high, so the cutting in at the top is left for Dan. But it looks so nice. And clean.

And the blue tape is gone. Victory!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

My gift for Talia

Gloria, I want to give Talia a cat.
As you can see, babies enjoy cats. For chewing and other purposes. And despite the look of terror on the cat's face, he's enjoying it too.
So I really think this is a practical gift for your daughter. I am confident she will enjoy it.


Monday, November 14, 2005

Pregnant dreams

I have mentioned before that I have very pregnant dreams. Mind you, that refers only to my crazy mind and the random nature of the dream itself. No one in the dream is actually pregnant.

Last night I dreamed about fellow blogger, Julie. In my dream, Julie had come across a website of a rock star, and she started blogging about how this was the man she was going to marry. Then Gloria read Julie's blog and also started blogging about how Julie had found the man she was going to marry. Well, between the two of them, this "rock star" found out about Julie's intentions and decided that he really wanted to get married too, and he talked about how it was such a "God thing." Julie, in the meantime, changed her blog site to "" However, both Julie and her husband-to-be were very cautious about their relationship because being married to a rock star can be tricky business. They were, however, a very cute couple.

I shared this with Julie. Other than a quick "Wait! Is this how you really think of me?" she was amused. So amused, in fact, that she is really taking this whole thing to heart. And I have to say she's making my day.

Check out Julie's new path in life here. Enjoy!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Obsessive, but not so compulsive

I have a weird obsession. I almost feel weird sharing it because it is so outrageous. I have an idea of where it began (I'll get there), but that reason doesn't make this any more normal. My obsession?

License plate tabs.

No lie. When I am driving or waiting in traffic, I scan the cars around me for green tabs (2005) to see when they expire(d). Usually they will expire in November or December. Once in a while there is an October out there. Even an August or a June. The worst? A couple of weeks ago, I saw an April. Yikes! How do these people not get pulled over for this?

Better yet, why do I care? I mean, seriously. What good is my noticing going to do? It's not like I jump out of my car while waiting at a stop light and tap on the guilty person's window to inform them of their rule breaking. (Frankly, if it gets to that point, I'll seek help). No, I just make the mental note of how out to lunch people are and go on my merry way.

Now, a little history. Although, there is absolutely no explaining this away now. You all think I'm nuts.

Four years ago, Dan and I were driving home from a wedding in Willmar. We were in a small town where the speed limit had unexpectedly dropped from 50 MPH to 35 MPH. Needless to say, I was pulled over for speeding. As it turns out, I had no proof that I owned the car. I had never received the title in the mail from the man who sold it to me. Therefore, I also didn't receive a notice from the DMV that my tabs were in need of renewing. So, there we sat, a looming speeding ticket, no proof of vehicle ownership, and tabs that were three months overdue. Luckily, I got the nice police man who only gave me a ticket for the speeding and a warning for the rest. But from them on, I always thought, "Expired license plate tabs are a dumb reason to get pulled over." So I have tried to be on top of when our tabs are due. And the tabs of every car in the greater metropolitan area, apparently.

Here's a little license plate trivia, in case you didn't know. You have a one-week grace period to get new tabs. For instance, if your tabs expire in November, you have until December 8th to get new ones.

I can't wait to see what color the 2007 tabs will be!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Nothing big

I really don't have anything of great importance to say. I just figured people might get sick of seeing the picture of Sally after a while. Not as sick as one might get of seeing "Cabin Fever," but that's another story all together...

Jackson has made the kicking a pretty regular thing. In fact, I was reading in bed the other night, and out of nowhere there was a quick "kick, kick, kick," and I just started laughing. Out loud. I was home alone. Other than the cats, but I laugh at them a lot. Anyway, I guess it kind of dawned on me (as it does on a daily basis) that there is a baby in me and it is alive. I know that's kind of obvious and you'd think I would get used to the idea after almost 5 months of pregnancy, but I'm a slow learner.

Speaking of learners, as of tomorrow I have survived the first quarter of my second year as a middle school teacher. Survive is really the wrong word, though. I have a fantastic group of kids this year. I have yet to hand out a single detention, and only 4 of my 105 students are failing. Pretty successful in the world of "Oh, we had to turn that in?"

Speaking of turning things in, I got an e-mail from my thesis advisor at Bethel today and he liked my first chapter! Yay! Apparently the whole "only one space after a period" thing didn't hang me up as much as I thought it did.

That's all for now. Besides the fact that I can't believe it's November 9th. That makes March 15th a mere 4 months away. Holy cow!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

A ditz? Seriously?

You are Sally!

Which Peanuts Character are You?

I thought the description was on the right track until I got to the last part. Do you all really think that about me? Come on! I mean, I know I have my blond days, but they are few and far between. Hardly worthy of the actual "ditz" label. :) It's fine, really. I enjoy Sally!

Hard habit to break & Acrobat baby

I am presently writing chapter 1 of my Master's action research project. I am not a big fan of APA style writing, having first learned MLA. But this paper has to be in APA, so I am doing my best to learn as I go. One of the crazy rules is that there is only one space after a period. Do you have any idea how hard that is when you have been typing with two spaces after periods for YEARS? I keep having to backspace. It's interrupting my flow. And I have pretty good flow for late on a Friday night if you ask me!

The placenta buffer on the front wall of my uterus (see post from last Friday) has proved to be no obstacle whatsoever for little Jackson today. I started feeling him moving around when I was lying in bed this morning. Whenever I do feel him, it's when I'm lying in bed, very still and quiet. So I figured that was my daily dose. But no! I continued to feel his little flutters all day. It was delightful.