Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shameless plug

In October, I went to the park with my friend Amy. I forgot my camera in the car, so she took a few adorable pictures of my adorable children. When I got home and saw the pictures compared to those produced by my measly point-and-shoot, I decided that a new camera was something that I really wanted to invest in. And the fun part is that Dan agreed with me!

Well, as we looked at cameras, we realized that a new one probably wasn't in the cards for us quite yet. However, Dan found out that he was going to be getting some "points" at work for doing his job well. Okay, there is REALLY way more to all of that, but the short version is that Dan truly does his job very well and gets rewarded for it! He used to have to redeem his points on a reward website--and we got some cool stuff! Lost Season 1, an Elmo doll for Jackson, my iPod Shuffle, etc. But they changed the system, allowing you to be able to basically buy whatever you want and get reimbursed. When Dan found out he'd be getting a pretty decent amount of money, he decided he wanted to use it toward a new camera!

So, in December, we became the proud owners of a Nikon D90 DSLR. It's beautiful. And even better, it takes stunning pictures. And I haven't even learned everything there is to learn about it. But DAN has taken it upon himself to research this camera like crazy and learn all sorts of awesome stuff about photography. And he's pretty good! I mean, I can take a nice picture, but Dan clearly has an eye for this.

To showcase some of his stuff and share some photography information, he has started a blog. So please check it out sometime! You can also become a friend on facebook if you're there. That would be awesome. :) His blog is (Patzer is a term that refers to a amateurish chess player). I'm also adding it to my blog links to the left.

Happy Wednesday!


Bloggin BB said...

Erin, we can sooo relate to your want of a new (better) camera! We just borrowed a friend's DSLR to see and I think we're hooked. But the question is: will we (do you) still carry it around to take photos bc they are so bulky?

Erin Bennett said...

You know, I do still carry around my point-and-shoot sometimes. But if I know I'll have some good photo ops, I'll take the Nikon. Like last week, we went for a walk and I knew it was going to be gorgeous outside and perfect for pictures, so I brought it. It is bulky, but sometimes it's worth it. :)