Monday, March 29, 2010

I think I can.... I think I can....

March is almost over. So far, so good! I think it's time for another "Random Thoughts Monday."

1) This week, spring will once again grace Minnesota with its presence. Hopefully this time it's for good! It will also mean that this is the first snowless March in, well, ever. At least since they started keeping track of such things, according to Belinda Jensen. That makes me happy. It also makes me a little nervous for April. Let's not have two record-breaking months in a row. First snowless March! Coldest April ever! Unless it's followed by "Summer begins in May and will last through October!"

2) Apparently, snowless isn't a word. spell check wants to make it "slowness" or "snow-less," neither of which I want.

3) Dan went to an open house at the new Target Stadium on Saturday. He got some AWESOME pictures (which will hopefully be up on his blog soon). We're very excited to go to a game sometime this year. But I think part of me will miss the dome!

4) I took a three-hour nap yesterday, and it was glorious. Dan really wanted to bless me with something and suggested that I go shopping or get a massage. After I asked where he found money for me to do those things, I told him all I really wanted was a nap. So we got home from church and I fed Leah and put her to bed. I laid down at about 11:30 and woke up at 2:30. I could hardly believe it. I felt like a new person!

5) For Jack's birthday party this weekend, we grilled out. It made me very excited for summer food. Summer has the best food. (Although, when I am making the season's first pot of wild rice soup in September, I might think differently).

6) 24 is on tonight. Dan and I thoroughly enjoy having "our shows" to watch during the week, and 24 is one of them. Unfortunately, 24 has been canceled and will not be returning after this year unless another network picks it up. :(

7) Jack's 4-year well-check visit is on Wednesday. I reminded him of it this morning and he said, "Do I have to get shots?" I answered honestly and said, "I don't know," but I'm pretty sure he does. :(

8) :) Just because the last two ended with a sad face.

9) I think that's all I've got for now. And I'm feeding Leah peas and carrots, so typing is getting difficult.

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