Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This might save me

Lemonade popsicles. And Edys popsicles aren't your run-of-the-mill popsicles. They are heaven on a stick. Honestly, I think these were made for women who are pregnant in the summer. This just might be my ticket to making it another six weeks. :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

UPDATE: the "guys upstairs"

If you read my post about our field trip last Friday, you know that our trip to Schuler Shoes led us to their corporate off (aka "the guys upstairs"). I had to fax them a letter about our event and charity and everything and wait to see what they would offer. I thought maybe a couple coupons (I've gotten Schuler Shoes coupons in race bags before--$20 off $100 purchase) would make their way to us sometime before race day. Well, to my delighted surprise, waiting in my mailbox today was an envelope from Schuler Shoes with two $50 giftcards to their store! I am overwhelmed by generosity. :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

They're here!

The sandals, that is. And they're fabulous! Unfortunately, we're not all wearing them today. Annie-Claude isn't sold on the color and size of hers. And Vicki is out all week spending time with her new granddaughter. Aaahhhhh.....comfortable feet. :)

Friday, May 08, 2009

Friday field trip

A co-worker and I took a long lunch today so that we could pass out some flyers for the upcoming race we're organizing (shameless plug--read more about it and register here: Anyway, in our short time out, there were a few notable highlights:

* As we arrived at Potbellys to eat lunch, we walked past everyone eating outside (a crowd we would join as soon as we got our food). There was a couple with two dogs, and the dogs were eating ice cream. They each had their own little dish with a scoop of vanilla. So cute! The dogs were adorable and obviously in their glory.

* We stopped at Panera to post a flyer on their Community Events board and asked to speak to a manager about possibly donating bagels for post-race food. Without batting an eye, he agreed to give us 100 free bagels the morning of the race. Rock on!

* At Noodles, we asked the manager if we could have some "free meal" coupons for our raffle. He went in the back for a second, and then came out and said he'd be right back because the coupons were in his car. So in case anyone wants to know, the manager at the Maple Grove Noodles keeps the coupons in his car. :)

* At Schuler Shoes, we handed a flyer to an employee and asked about possible donations for our raffle. He explained that we'd have to talk to the "guys upstairs" about that. Alissa and I assumed that meant that we'd have to go through corporate for donation requests (direction we'd already gotten from The Finish Line), so we thanked him and started to leave. Another employee who had heard our exchange said, "No, upstairs is this way." Oh, there's an ACTUAL "guy upstairs." So we went upstairs, laughing the whole way, and got the name and fax number of the person we'd have to send our request to.

Overall a successful outing, with many more stops to be made this weekend and next week. The race is (gulp) a month away!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Brown sandal story

Disclaimer: This is probably funnier if you know the people I work with.

So, as I mentioned in my last post, I've been looking for some sandals with good support. My co-worked Annie-Claude has some Skechers sandals that she LOVES, and I kept saying that I should get some, but I never did. She likes them so much that she tried to get another pair last year before the store stopped carrying them, and she has toyed with getting another pair online even though they are nearly twice what she paid for them at Kohl's last year. Well, on Monday morning, I decided to finally make my move (again, after my unsuccessful shopping trip on Sunday). When she came in the back way through our office, I called her over to my desk and told her to show me which ones they were on the website. I found them, added them to my cart, and went to check out. She asked if I had googled any online coupons. I hadn't, so I did. The best one we found was for 25% off if you bought more than one pair and used a mastercard. (We also joined some VIP club and got free shipping). She said that she really wanted to get a pair in a different color and that we could use her mastercard! So I added her pair to the cart and entered the promo code. Voila--down from $44 to $33. Well then Vicki peeked her head around the corner of my cube and asked what we were working on. Annie-Claude turned around and said, "We're ordering sandals!" Vicki was intrigued and wanted to see them. She was even able to try on Annie-Claude's pair. "I want some too!" So we added Vicki's to the cart. Before we checked out, Annie-Claude jokingly announced to the rest of the office, "Anyone else?" Julia and Alissa came over, and Julie ended up ordering some too. It was hilarious!
So, in the next week four of us will have identical sandals. And you better believe we're all going to wear them on the same day and be cute!
The funniest part is that when I went to look for a picture, I learned that they only have "olive" left--no brown or black. We must have been just in time. :) So here they are in olive--not nearly as cute as brown or black, though.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Yeah, I'm gonna be THAT mom

So, I'm finding myself in need of some supportive sandals. Sandals because it is (thank you, Jesus) becoming sandal weather. Supportive because my feet hurt after walking around in flip flops for any length of time. I found a pair of brown sandals (which is actually a very funny story and maybe my next blog topic), but I still wanted to find something in black. I didn't have too much luck shopping last weekend, so I've resorted to shopping online. I had heard of a website called of brands and free shipping both ways (in case of a return). So I entered all of the information of what I wanted--something that came in my size, black, sandals, slides. That still turned up over 800 results, so I had some fun sifting through the pages. I think I found something that will work. It's by Bass, which I've never owned, but it seemed to get good reviews for support and was only $50. (I could have spent mega bucks--there was one pair that was $225--ON SALE down from $450). However, before I found the Bass pair, I came across this one.

Seriously--who WEARS these? I mean, besides the woman whose primary source of income is from an illegal profession.... I can't even imagine. The platform in front is over 4 inches, with the total height of the heel over 8. That would make me 6'6". No thanks! I'd probably be better off in the flip flops.

Friday, May 01, 2009

I married a rock star

I didn't mean to make myself laugh when I typed that title, but I did. A few years ago, Julie and I had a funny back-and-forth on our blogs because I'd had a dream that she had married a rock star. :)

Okay, back to the actual rockstar that I married. His name is Dan, and yesterday he got some very good news and consequently made me a very happy woman.

But let me back up. For the last year or so, he's been preparing himself for the next level position in his current place of employment, Ameriprise Financial. He shadowed various employees, took part in informational interviews, and went through a development program geared at this specific position, Regional Sales Director. The last couple weeks have been a whirlwind, as a few RSD positions opened up and Dan prepared for and interviewed for one of them on Wednesday of this week.

Dan knew that they wanted to make a decision pretty quickly, and he was certain he'd know by the end of the week. I talked to him at least four times yesterday (Thursday) and asked every time, "Have you heard anything yet?" And every time, he'd say that they hadn't announced anything yet, but that he'd definitely know by Friday. We went to my parents' house last night for dinner, and I drove to the bus stop near their house where I pick him up. He got off the bus with a bouquet of flowers and a back of goodies for Jack. I started to think something was up. When he got to the car with huge smile on his face, I asked when he had found out. "Oh, 8:00 this morning." Stinker! He went on to inform me that he had told everyone else during the day, and they all knew he was keeping it from me. Did I mention he's one hilarious rock star?

One definite perk of the promotion is the pay increase. It's enough to make up for the salary that I'll be losing in June, so I won't have to figure out some way to work from home (most recent plan was doing daycare). I can just be a mom! And that makes our little growing family very excited. :)