Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the dentist :(

So, Jack has four cavities. We got this unfortunate information at his first dentist appointment last month. Today was the first appointment to start the cavity-filling process. Last time we were at the dentist, Jack got scared and cried for Dan. So we were proactive this time and Dan took the day off to accompany Jack.

I sent them off at 9:00, hoping not to hear anything again until they returned home. No such luck. Dan called about an hour later to tell me that it hadn't gone well. Bummer! My poor kid has the worst (or best?) gag reflex. I really feel terrible for him because he got it from me. This is why the last dentist appointment wasn't awesome either--they started with x-rays, Jack gagged on the film, and wouldn't open his mouth again for the hygienist. So, during the drilling today, the doctor would drill and the hygienist would squirt water and suck it back up. Unfortunately, not before Jack would gag on the water and the sucky thing.

So, here's my dilemma. The doctor said to just make another appointment for a month from now. But honestly, I really don't see this getting easier. He's not scared anymore, he wasn't in pain, he just has a gag reflex that he can't control. Do I look in to taking him to a pediatric dentist? Do I look into sedation dentistry? I'm one lost mama. :(


Heidi said...

I have absolutely no help for you. I am scared to take Tryn to the dentist because I am pretty sure I don't want to hear what they have to tell me :(

-Lisa- said...

aawww... that sucks. my first thought is... sedation dentistry. if it's not as much about the scare factor, i'm not sure what else a pediatric dentist would do... but i'm not even a mom, so what do i know?! :) there, that's my opinion.
i'm sure there's a heap of reasons not to do that as well. :)

emilyhansen said...

A little salt on the back of his tongue. Try it. Let us know how it goes. Good luck!