Saturday, March 06, 2010


Part 1

Leah is teething. I think teething is one of the most frustrating things about a baby's first year of life. Sure, they get teeth after they turn one, but for some reason, it's just not as horrible. Her first tooth came through on December 11, followed by a second tooth the next day. She continued to show signs of teething and I was sure more were on their way shortly, but the third tooth didn't come in until a few weeks ago. Again, I thought the fourth would be in right away, but we're still waiting on it. I can see white--it's got to be a single layer of gums away from the outside. But it just won't pop through. So she continues to chew everything in sight and scream for no reason once in a while. She also has the nerve to sleep for 20 minutes and call it a nap.

Part 2

Jackson is going to be four in a couple of weeks. At his three-year well-child doctor visit, our pediatrician recommended that we make an appointment to see the dentist within a few months. It would most likely be really laid back--just count the teeth, teach Jack how to brush his teeth properly, etc. So last April, we both headed to the dentist. I had a regularly-scheduled appointment and I figured Jack would benefit from seeing them clean and examine my teeth before taking his turn in the chair. Well, all of that went out the window when I realized they had scheduled us for the same time-slot with two different hygienists. Everything pretty much went downhill from there. He wouldn't sit in the chair, he wouldn't open his mouth, he cried at the sight of the "sharp things" and at the sound of the "noisy things." Rather than traumatize him anymore and scar him for life with a deep hatred of the dentist, the doctor and hygienist suggested that we just make an appointment for another time. And we finally got around to doing that a couple of months ago and made our second trip last week.
It was a little more successful. He opened his mouth. He sat on my lap on the chair. He still wouldn't have anything to do with sharp and noisy things, and don't get me started on how he gagged at the attempt to get x-rays. But he miraculously did open his mouth for the doctor, and it was a good thing too. He has four cavities. Four. I've never had a cavity in my life and my poor almost-4-year-old has FOUR CAVITIES! I almost died.
We left with a new toothbrush, some super-special fluoride, and an appointment slip for March 23rd. Because for some reason, Jack thinks that he'll be able to handle all of this much better after he's four. Let's hope so, buddy!! :)


Heidi said...

That makes me SO nervous to bring Tryn to the dentist!! Especially since we aren't very good at the brushing routine for children around here...

Bloggin BB said...

I hear both counts of this entry, Erin! L is chewing everything in site this weekend and just snaps at us for no reason. And, both doctor and dentist keep asking about bring her to the dentist anytime anyone in our family goes. She's 15M?! The kid can't sit still, let alone keep her mouth open for longer than a spoonful of yogurt!