Monday, March 08, 2010

He won!

Every year since 2003, Dan and I have hosted a party for the Academy Awards. Friends bring wonderful food, we fill out ballots guessing the winning movies, and there are really impressive prizes for the winners (which have usually been snagged from the bargain DVD rack at Target).
This year, we let Jack stay up a little later than normal because he was having so much fun with our friends and loved seeing familiar movies (like Up) on the awards. He decided he wanted his own ballot like everyone else, so I gave him one with a pen. He carefully picked winners (usually more than one in each category) and when a winner was announced, he would excitedly check his ballot and exclaim "I won! I won an Oscar!" It was adorable.
Jack knew there were prizes for the winners, and he asked if he would get a present if he won. I explained that the presents were for our friends and that we couldn't keep them (although I'm sure he'd love Rain Man or When Harry Met Sally, right?). Then I remembered that I have a bag of random little toys hidden in a closet. It's mostly stuff from Christmas that didn't fit in his stocking. So I told him if he won again, I would have a prize for him.
A couple of awards later, Jack pronounced, "I won! I won another Oscar!" This was a grand total of four Oscars for the night (impressive, no?) and his prize was a Disney Cars notepad and mechanical pencils. He opened them right away and enjoyed them until his extended bedtime of 9:00pm.
This morning, my friend came with her baby, whom I was watching today. She mentioned something about the movie Cars, and Jack found his notepad and pencils to show her. She asked why he got them, and he got excited and said, "I won, four...Grovers!"


Heidi said...

Hahaaa!!!! That's hilarious, Grovers!! :)

Lisa said...

I think Jackson "won" ONLY because I wasn't there this year, because, we all know if I HAD been there I would have CLEANED UP on the Grovers! (-: