Sunday, March 28, 2010

The rest of the festivities!

So, we haven't even had a chance to touch these up, but I wanted to share some more pictures from last night. Jack had such a blast (after waiting patiently over a week to really celebrate!).

My crabby girl with Gigi. She had the most needy, clingy afternoon and just kind of fell apart at Jack's party.

Checking out a new superhero shirt, which he proudly wore to church today. :)

Super hero Chutes and Ladders! The best of both worlds!

Jack's best friend, the adorable Eli.

A noisy helicopter. :)

The next few pictures crack me up. He was just SO ready to blow out these candles and eat cake, but we made him pose. And he did.
Goofy boy. :)

And my silly girl, before she officially turned into a pumpkin. :)

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