Monday, March 22, 2010

"Random Thoughts" Monday

1) The Twins finally signed Joe Mauer. We've got him until at least 2018, and it only cost us $184 million. :)

2) I went out with some friends last night. Some of them really know how to have a good time. And I love them for it. You know who you are!

3) If you're on facebook, you've already heard this, but it's worth repeating. Yesterday, I was ironing a few things. I must have gotten frustrated with Leah or Jackson, because while I was ironing, Jack asked me, "Mommy, are you having kind of a hard day?" I said that I kind of was and he asked why. I said, "I don't know. I just think I'm kind of crabby." He said, "Are you crabby because you're tired?" I told him that yes, I was probably tired. He said, "Do you want me to finish this (ironing) for you so you can go take a nap?" Love that boy! Don't worry, I didn't let him iron. But I did make him give me a hug. :)

4) No more big upsets in basketball. And a break in games until Thursday. Which is good because we have other things to watch on TV during the week. 24 tonight, Lost tomorrow night. It's important stuff.

5) I listed a few things on ebay this weekend, and found out this morning that I sold something! Someone chose the "buy it now" option for a maternity swimsuit, and I'm $25 richer for it!

6) The kids and I are picking up my mom at the airport this afternoon. (My dad is driving back). She'll be super tan and we'll all look super white, but it will be great to see her again. And I have a feeling that she kind of misses her grandkids.

7) I could fall asleep on command RIGHT now. See #2. It got late.

8) Jack is going to the dentist tomorrow to hopefully get at least one of his four cavities filled. Dan is taking him and I'm just praying everything goes well. I think these four fillings could take a really long time. Poor kid. :(

9) My daughter is eating Jack's nerf darts, so I have to go now.

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Mom said...

I AM home!!! And I AM super tan....and super peeling!!! But above all else, I AM sooooo happy to see my sweet grandchildren! They totally light up my life! Florida is lovely, but it's just another state without you guys in it. :)