Monday, September 25, 2006

Doctor, doctor, give me the news

Jackson had his 6-month well child visit this morning. Since I start watching my little kidlets at 7:15, Dan took him in. Our little man is 23 pounds, 4 ounces, and 28 1/2 inches long. He has dropped back onto the charts, and is sitting comfortably around the 97th percentile. That's my boy!
Father and Son also took a trip to visit Poppa. I told Dan, "Now, when I'm done at the doctor, I always take Jack to visit Dad and all the ladies at Audio Research." (Hi, Vicky and Pam. Sorry I missed you this time!). He said, "Well, I've got the whole day off. I can do that!" So they did. How fun!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Trying again....

Okay, let's try those last two photos that wouldn't upload the other night!

Jack finds it fun to chew everything--even the metal leg of his swing. Mmmmm.

Here it is--his official first bite. I wish we had pictures from night #2. We do have it on video, though.

That's all. Happy Saturday and HAPPY FALL! Yesterday was the official equinox. Now these recent temperatures are a little more allowed than before. :)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Solid food, take two

Yup, Jack's experience with solid food last night was what you'd call a "fluke." Tonight was much more what we were expecting to witness last night. His faces were priceless, there was food everywhere, and I truly thought he was going to lose it a couple of times. We didn't push it too much. He did seem to enjoy the bananas more than the rice, but no big deal. After all, he doesn't NEED anything more, nutritionally speaking, than breast milk until he is nine months old. So we'll just take our time and get his feet wet with this new food. Not literally, of course.

The other big news in the world of solid food is that Jack had his first solid food bowel movement this evening. Yes, my blog has been reduced to talking about my six-month-old's poop. I'd always heard it would be really different when solids were introduced. Without getting into too much detail, I can say that the color was the same, while the consistency and the smell were a little different. There you have it.

Now for some six-month pictures!

Sleeping with Daddy. We've got a few "sleeping with Daddy" pictures. It's a classic. :)

A future St. Paul Saints fan.

Bath time! One of my favorite things about Jack being able to sit up is the fact that we can give him baths in the kitchen sink. It's great. I rarely post pictures of him with no shirt on, so let me take this opportunity to point out the birth mark under his nipple. It's adorable.

Here's Jack with one of his favorite toys (besides the Livestrong bracelet, empty waterbottles, and diaper wipe containers, of course). It's a set of buckets with little fish that go inside them. That doesn't sound cool, but he loves it. :)

Well, I'm trying like heck to add two more pictures, but blogger won't let me right now. I'll try again soon. :)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Six months!

Hey Jack,

Holy cats--you are half a year old today! We just can't believe how quickly time flies. Sometimes it really feels like just yesterday that you joined us in this world and made our lives so happy. You've accomplished a lot in your short time here so far! Keep it up, dude. :)

You experienced your first Minnesota State Fair a few weeks ago. It was great fun. You just sat in the stroller and admired everything around you. And then you'd had enough, so you took a nap! Your dad has been to the State Fair ever since he was three months old, so we certainly had to start you early too!

One highlight of this month was traveling to Seattle with me, Mimi, and Poppa. We had a wonderful time, and you were such a good boy! You like plane rides. :) Next time, we'll have to take Dad with us. Unfortunately, you aren't quite sleeping through the night, so Mimi and Poppa got a taste of what our nighttimes are like at home. They were probably wishing they'd gotten their own hotel room!

Instead of going back to work as a teacher, I am taking care of four other kids so that I can be with you all day. It's so much fun (well, the "being with you" part!). You are going to be such good friends with Connor. He is only five days older than you! And Homer the dog loves to lick your face as soon as I put you down on the floor. You love doggie kisses.

You are doing so much. It's not long before you are mobile, and you will certainly throw us for a loop! You have been sitting up quite confidently for a few weeks now, but now you are almost crawling. It's crazy. You'll get up on your hands and knees and just rock. You're bound to figure it out in a few more days. Sometimes in trying, you do a nice face plant into the floor. That's not so happy.... You are still very strong for your age. When I stand you up on the ground or changing table, I really just feel like you could walk! Please, not yet honey.

The most exciting thing about you being six months old is that we are going to feed you solid food now! Mimi, Poppa, Mary Beth, and Sean came for dinner tonight and got to witness your first taste of something other than breastmilk. You had rice cereal and applesauce. We were all anticipating a funny face or a mess of food on your face, but you blew us away. It was as if you'd been eating this stuff for months. You even reached for the spoon with both hands as it came to your mouth. Yum! I've been pureeing and freezing food like crazy, so there are all sorts of things for you to try in the coming weeks.

Next week we will get your sixth month pictures taken and you get to visit Dr. O'Brien again. Yes, that means more shots. I'm sorry; it's just one of those necessary things in life!

Thanks for being such a terrific kid, Jackson. Sometimes I just can't believe how much I love you! You make our lives so full. There is always something new and exciting, and I love watching you learn and grow. Keep it up, and I'm looking forward to the next half a year!

Lots of love, dear,

Saturday, September 09, 2006


So, we've been home since Monday, but I finally have a moment to tell you how great our trip was. Jack was just a little angel, my parents were an immense help, and the wedding was lovely. We even had some time to do the typical tourist things, like enjoy Pike Place Market. And the weather was incredible! Sunny and highs in the 80s with no humidity. And the people in Seattle were so hysterical--this was a major heat wave for them. They were just beside themselves. Hello! Come to Minnesota in July!

Here is how much Jack liked the airplane ride! He did so well!

Jack is playing Peek-a-boo with his Poppa, my dad. You can see a Livestrong bracelet in the background. It's on Jack's list of favorite toys, along with empty Aquafina bottles and remote controls.

Happy baby! Jack spent lots of time sitting and rolling over on the hotel beds. Luckily he never rolled off....

So sleepy! Jack napped here for over two hours!

What a pose, Jackson! Show off those skinny legs. :)

Dancing with Poppa at the reception. His eyes show that it's a little past his bedtime. Stay with us, Jack!

Laughing with mom! Tickles are just more ticklish the later the night gets!