Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy _______ Day!

1) Happy Daylight Savings Day!
I despise daylight savings. I think it is completely unnecessary. And it's particularly hard to manage when you have kids. Although, losing an hour is much easier than gaining an hour, so I'm generally more upset in November. :) Anyway, I wish we would just skip it altogether. Some states actually do skip it. Maybe I'll move there.

2) Happy Pi Day!
No, not PIE day. PI day, as in 3.1415926535.... I was first introduced to Pi Day when I taught middle school. Every year, March 14 (3/14...get it?) was deemed Pi Day and the math teacher would bring Pi(e) in to share with their classes. It was cute.
Bonus pi joke:
What do you get when you cut a jack-o-lantern by its diameter?
A pumpkin pi!

3) Happy Potato Chip Day!
I don't know why it's potato chip day. It just is. Enjoy it. :)


Mom said...

Don't move! I think it would be like Indiana, or some place silly like that!

Anonymous said...

Hi Erin. Just thought I'd say hi and let you know I've been reading your blog. :-) Daylight savings is never fun, especially when I have to get up to be at church at 7:45 to sing in the choir!