Sunday, February 05, 2006

Oscar movie review #2

On Friday afternoon, Dan and I had plans to see a 5:10 showing of Good Night, and Good Luck at the Maple Grove AMC. When we got there, the 5:10 show said "sold out." We knew the movie couldn't be THAT good, so we asked what was up. Apparently the film had a tear in it and they were probably going to have to cancel the rest of the night's showings of it. Bummer. Change of plans. There wasn't much else at the AMC that we both wanted to see, so we went home. My new best friend,, told us that the Maple Grove Mann theater had Memoirs of a Geisha. I was surprised that Dan even wanted to see it, but we decided to do it. Other than the facts that (1) the seats in the theater are not very nice for a pregnant back and (2) the movie was over two hours, we enjoyed the flick. It's a very intriguing story, and the costumes and scenery are beautiful. Memoirs is nominated for achievement in art direction (whatever that means), achievement in cinematography (ditto), achievement in costume design (I'd say it has a chance at this), original music score (both Dan and I were surprised to see it was nominated for this and couldn't really remember the music being that great), and achievement in both sound editing and mixing. A lot of really random awards. Surprisingly, nothing for acting. I thought Ziyi Zhang was lovely, and who doesn't love Ken Watanabe? :) Not sure when this comes out on DVD, but I'd say it's worth renting. Unless you love uncomfortable theater seats and are dying to see it now!

Christmas lights are still on. (Sorry, Gloria, that means you didn't win). I am wanting to take mine down, but I don't want that to influence them at all. It would throw off the whole experiment. Wait, there's no experiment. Nevertheless, it's entirely too cold to take Christmas lights down this weekend. Talk to me in a week. :)


-Lisa- said...

hey, where did you find more commercials? there are apparently a few good ones I missed... something about dinosaurs and FedEx...

glad you found MacGyver!! I think he looks older, but a good old. :)

gloria said...

Damn! I lost! :)

I won't even go to the MG Mann theatre - I hate those seats!

I'm looking forward to seeing that movie though.