Sunday, February 12, 2006

Oscar movie reviews #3, 4, and 5

Yup, I had a busy movie-watching weekend. So hold onto your seats!

1) Capote, nominated for a number of awards, including best actor (Philip Seymour Hoffman) and best picture.
I loved this movie. I went to the theater alone, which I rarely do. I enjoyed highly over-priced popcorn and soda, which I also rarely do. But I thought the movie was so well-done. And although I didn't know anything about Truman Capote before the film, I could tell that Hoffman had nailed it. Right down to the annoying voice. It's an absolutely fascinating story.

2) Junebug, nominated for best supporting actress (Amy Adams).
Another great flick. I hadn't even heard of it until I saw the nominee list. Apparently it didn't last too long in the theaters. Adams does a fantastic job in her role (and she's hugely pregnant, which I love). Her partner is played by Ben MacKenzie (of the O.C.). The cast is rounded out by her in-laws, all of whom are classic in-law types. Anyway, this one is worth the rental fee.

3) The Constant Gardener, nominated for best supporting actress (Rachel Weisz) and a number of other awards, including adapted screenplay.
This was really well-done, but it got long for me. It was a little over two hours. It was also a little hard to follow in the beginning. It goes between present and past, and eventually the flashbacks catch up to the present, and it took me a second to get it straight (it probably didn't help that I started the movie with my back to the television, checking my e-mail). Ralph Fiennes does a great job as a charming British diplomat investigating the murder of his wife (Weisz). And don't freak out--I'm not giving any more away than the back of the DVD case does. :) I'd recommend it if you're in the mood for a not-so-happy, albeit still very well-done, movie.

There you have it! Coming up in the near future (or at least sometime before 2/20, because that's when Blockbuster wants them back): Wallace & Gromit and Hustle & Flow. And probably Munich next weekend.

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Danb said...

I love my wife... She RARELY sees a movie... but when the Oscar list comes out... She goes nutz... its fun to watch and she is completely dedicated.... I love you hon.