Thursday, February 23, 2006

Very exciting news

No, I'm not in labor. :)

The lights



Actually, they were off last night, but I wanted to make sure it wasn't just a fluke thing before announcing it to blogworld. We had company for dinner and as they left, I said, "Check out our neighbors. They still have their....WAIT! They're gone!" Alas, they are not gone (neither are ours, actually). But at least they are off.

Now, on to the winner. The person who guessed closest to yesterday was Lalimama, with a guess of February 18th. The next closest was David, who guessed March 3rd. So close. And sorry, Lisa, but now you'll have to actually figure out how to get to our house without the landmark lights.

And now for Lalimama's prize. You get to play a game! Just click here. The red and green are in honor of our holiday-minded neighbors. Enjoy!

And celebrate! Today begins about eight months of a Christmas light-free neighborhood. :)


lalimama said...

Amazing...they actually are a whole week ahead of Ash Wednesday. Although, New Orleans has already begun the Mardi Gras celebration.

So, do you think they may come back on again? Now that would be funny!

Thanks for the just happens to be my birthday, so its a perfect gift...thanks, Erin.

julie said...

i'm still going to be the pessimist and say that they'll go back on before you know it.

-Lisa- said...

aww, man! this will MAKE me have to get your house right! :)

david said...

Second place! Rockin'! I guess Christmas cheer has officially ended. Thanks for the update!