Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A game

This came to me as I crawled back into bed after my third trip to the bathroom around 3:00 this morning. You see, the neighbors across the driveway from us are still displaying their Christmas lights. I have no problem with leaving them UP until the snow is gone and the air is warmer. But turning them ON? At the end of January? That's another story. The really obnoxious part is that they have been up and on since around Halloween. It's a shame the lights aren't prettier. There are rainbow-colored icicle lights over the garage, a string of solid green lights around the front door, and two flashing light figures in their windows. Let me tell you, these people are festive!

Here's where the game comes in. All you have to do is guess the date that my neighbors will stop turning their Christmas lights on. It's that simple. And when the lights are officially off for the year, I will report back to you and let you know who wins! And I'll have a special blog treat for the winner.

Make sure to read the dates guessed by others before you and guess a date that hasn't been guessed yet. There will be no sharing of the blog treat.

In light of the approaching Olympics, let the game begin!


Danb said...

Those darn blinking figurines are nutz... I'm guessing March 4th.


lalimama said...

Well...if they started around Halloween, let's shoot for just after Valentine's Day...my vote is Feb 18.

gloria said...

January 31st!

MrsGiggles said...

I say tomorrow...just kidding...but how annoying!! That drives me nuts! Lights should be turned on after Thanksgiving and off the first of the year if you ask me! :-)

Matt Patrick said...

I'm gonna say...

...one dollar, Bob.

-Lisa- said...

I'm gonna say... March 29th

-Lisa- said...

woah... i didn't realize i used the same phrase as matt...

owell... let's go March 29th - March 29th - March 29th - March 29th - March 29th - March 29th -March 29th -March 29th-March 29th -March 29th - March 29th

i can't wait for the olympics

Jaime G said...

I say, March 15th. Man, how annoying!

diane patrick said...

On April 1st, they'll finally be off. But they'll be back on again for the 2nd, as some sick and twisted April Fool's joke.

julie said...

this sounds like a classic case of yard crime. i really feel for you, erin. people simply should not have to put up with other people junk outside their houses. whatever they do inside is their business, but when we have to look at it? that's when it becomes a crime.

i'm going to be the pessimist here and say they'll realize it's not worth taking down just to put up again so they leave them up all year.

and maybe they'll add some red and blue lights for the 4th.

david said...

Ok, I'm a bit late to this post, but I'll guess anyway. I'm going with the Ides of March!

david said...

Dang it! I just realized jamie g took that. I'll go with March 3rd then.

Jaime G said...

Here is a poem you can slip in their mailbox!!

A Small Pine Tree

I can see
in our front yard
a small tree
that delights
hung with lights
at Christmas time
but after Christmas day
when the lights are put away
what I really love to see
is our green-needled
small pine tree.