Monday, February 20, 2006

Black raspberry avalanche & Oscar movie reviews #7 and #8

Black raspberry avalanche is the ice cream flavor of the day. Edy's Dreamery. It was heavenly.

We rented two movies this weekend. Actually, we rented them last weekend and watched them this weekend. Blockbuster "no late fees" can be a nice thing.

Hustle and Flow. Very interesting movie, and I really enjoyed it. In only the way a white suburban girl can enjoy a movie about a pimp who follows his rap dream. With plenty of colorful words to boot. Terrence Howard is nominated for best actor. He does a nice job, but I think his competition in the category will be too much for him. The movie is also nominated for original song--"It's hard out here for a pimp"--which I have had in my head since seeing the movie Saturday night. :)

Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. Cute movie. I have not seen any other Wallace and Gromit work, so this was very new for me. But who doesn't love claymation characters with British accents?! The thing that made me laugh the hardest was how they got away with a "G" rating. At one point, the main female character is lamenting to Wallace that her husband is no longer interested in her produce--at which point the "camera" shoots her strategically standing behind two canteloupes. Then at the end, Wallace ends up naked (which you don't actually see), so Gromit hands him a box to hold around his mid-section. The box is for some sort of food product and clearly bears the warning "May contain nuts." Anyway, this was an enjoyable movie and will probably win best animated film--its only nomination.

Now, before I'm done, here's an Olympic question for you. I've actually gotten into some of the sports this weekend, and it got me thinking about what kind of event I would want to compete in. I still don't know, but here's my question. Would you rather compete in a sport where the results were determined by time or by a judge's subjective scoring?


gloria said...

Subjective judging? No thanks.

My new favorite winter event is snowboard cross. That was really fun to watch. It made me want to strap a board on and actually try it! I also really liked the cross country biathalon (cross country skiing and shooting) very cool.

mjonthemove said...

My friend, Bob, just talked about this, and he says that sports that involve purely subjective judging are not actually sports. Competitive events with clear rules, time limits and a clear winner sports. I don't know if I agree with him, but he was adamant.

Therefore, gymnastics, figure skating and a bunch of others are not sports. Now, he made sure to clarify that there is intense athlteicism involved, but they are not sports.

Rugby, Soccer, Baseball, Football, Basketball and Hockey would be sports under this classification.

He did have a great example, though. If football was based on how well you competed overall, and not the final score, the Seattle Seahawks would have won the Superbowl because they acquired more rushing yards, more time with the ball, less turnovers, and generally played more smoothly than the Steelers.

As one who lives in Seattle now, this angle appeals to my sensibilities.

-Lisa- said...

I'd say the Olympic sport I'd want to compete in is along the lines of gloria's answer...
Snowboarding looks sooo fun, all those flips 360s 980s or whatever... they were so sweet to watch! I just wish you could pick it up in a day. I think those ones are based both on time and subjective judging... i think. I know some of the sports are judged that way atleast.... or um... i thought... I'll end this babbling wonder though. :)

diane patrick said...

I'm not sure what it's called, but Matt and I always laugh at the ski jump one... where they fly off the jump and lean forward until they are parallel with their skis. There's just something really funny about that, and I'd love to try it.