Friday, February 17, 2006

Oscar movie review #6 and other news

Well, we braved the Maple Grove Mann theater again. (Gloria is wondering if I'll ever learn...). However, this time I was smart enough to bring a pillow in with me. You're probably wondering about the looks I got? Well, I made Dan carry it. But honestly, a pregnant woman carrying a pillow into a movie theater isn't that weird. But I digress.

Movie of the night? The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Our plan was to see Munich, but it is only playing in Oakdale, Elk River, and St. Anthony Main. And I'm glad we were forced to change our plans because Narnia was fabulous. We just loved it. I am disappointed it isn't nominated for more (or at least more important) awards. It's up for make-up, sound mixing, and special effects.

The film was so true to Lewis' book, which made me very happy. The children were adorable, the animals were fascinating, and Aslan was powerfully gentle. The music was really good, too. And the witch? Fantastic villain with wicked dreadlocked hair. (Not that all dreadlocked hair is wicked, Matt Patrick).

As Dan said when we left, this is one we'll be purchasing when it comes out. It's classic and wonderful. And that's all. If you haven't seen it yet, see it. And bring your children. With the warning that the battle can get a little frightening.

In other Bennett news, we are officially in the last month of this pregnancy. Well, Jackson and I are in the last month. Dan's just along for the ride. :) It kind of blows my mind to think that I could go into labor at any moment. It also blows my mind to think that it could still be 6 weeks away! But that's okay. I'm bound to have a big baby no matter when I deliver, so bring it on. This past week brought some real excitement as Dan and I attended a 2 1/2 hour breastfeeding class at Methodist. You might wonder, as we did, what on earth takes 2 1/2 hours to learn when it comes to breastfeeding. But our perky instructor filled every last minute with lots of very useful information. I won't bore you (or disgust or frighten you) with the details, but I do have to share the one thing that made me laugh so hard that I feared wetting myself. As she introduced engorgement, she described it as "being so full of milk that you just need to nurse somebody." Somebody? Anybody? What kind of discernment should I use when finding this "somebody" to nurse? Anyway, it was funny.

And lastly, the lights are still on. Lalimama, cross your fingers. You guessed tomorrow. You might get lucky...


-Lisa- said...

I think the lights must stay on, atleast until the Oscar Party, so i remember which house inlet is yours! :) not to mention I think I guessed a date at the end of March! :)

that is hilarious... "being so full of milk that you just need to nurse somebody." haha SOMEbody.. i can just picture you and dan laughing

lalimama said...

I don't suppose I guessed it, so maybe the lights will come down as a welcome home baby gift? You know...if they're religious at all...maybe they're waiting for the change of a new liturgical season. Ash Wednesday is March 1st...and Epiphany will finally be over...we can only hope the lights are at least OFF by then. :)

gloria said...

Thanks for the laugh -- that was awesome!