Saturday, August 27, 2005

Well, we talked ourselves right out of that one

Whoa...two posts in one day. Watch out, blogworld.

So tonight is our fifth of six summer weddings. Needless to say, we are BURNED OUT! And we've gotten a little lazy. Two weeks ago, we attended the ceremony and not the reception. But that's a WHOLE other story...

We totally talked ourselves out of the wedding tonight. I'm on worship this weekend, so we knew that I would just be meeting Dan for the reception. But Dan's working until late this afternoon and didn't want to shower and rush out again. Nevermind ironing wedding-appropriate clothes, which takes my husband about an hour. It just became completely not worth the hassle and we are skipping. I could care less--I've never met these people. It's a college friend of Dan's and his girlfriend of many years.

Here's the bonus. Unfortunatley, we don't have their new address to send a gift. So, we have a giftcard to Marshall Fields to have some fun with. I'm thinking a new shower curtain is in order. Hold me back.


sleeping with bread said...

Erin . . . I've been spammed . . . can you tell me how to get ride of it?

julie said...

i know how you feel... this past weekend was the first of four weddings that come every other week until october. it's almost too much.

Danb said...

Ahhh he won't even notice that I wasn't there... I wasn't even invited to the Bachelors party (the fun part) and just basically asked for a gift... like when they had a house warming party... me thinks they selfish... ummm yup! (my Smeagle impression) PRECIOUS!!!



david said...

Good for you! It is about time we stood up to these so call friends who just want to use us for our limited money! It can certainly get to be too much at times. Why can't people just wait to have one big wedding all at the same time? I guess on the bright side we don't do a seperate wedding for the bride and one for the groom. That would really suck.