Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Music therapy

After my not-so-stellar day (see previous post), Dan and I went out for a sandwich at Bear Rock Cafe last night. Since it was basically a perfect September evening, we strolled around the Shoppes at Arbor Lakes for a while. We checked out some super expensive, really awesome digital cameras at National Camera Exchange. (Our digital camera was ruined when we tipped the canoe in the BWCA...). We also sat in those awesome massage chairs at The Sharper Image. Also very expensive, but that didn't stop me from sitting there for a good ten minutes. We moved on to Borders, which actually had some stuff we could afford. Jackpot!

Last week I happened to catch a group called The 5 Browns on the Kare 11 Today Show, and I wanted to get their CD. I love that this Borders has so much music. It's almost as good as the Har Mar Barnes & Noble. Anyway, The 5 Browns are Juilliard-trained, piano-playing siblings. They are incredible. Four of the songs on the CD are five pianos, ten hands. Amazing sounds. The rest are solos and duets. Also amazing sounds. I listened to the CD in the store for about five minutes while Dan browsed the Fantasy Football magazines. After hearing only a few songs, I knew I had to buy it. So I did, and when I got home, BONUS, it's a duel disc. I didn't know what that meant until I read the instructions, but basically there is a CD side and a DVD side. So I actually got to see a couple of the songs played and an interview with the siblings. So cool. I still haven't heard the whole CD (I keep replaying Scenes from West Side Story), but I'm anxious to hear the rest.

So, if you are a fan of piano music (and if you aren't, you should still give it a try), go out and get this!

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sleeping with bread said...

A gift given to me today! What a coincidence!