Friday, August 12, 2005


People are stupid. It appears as though allowing "anonymous" comments is pretty much the same as inviting spam into your e-mail inbox. It was getting ridiculous! So I changed some things in the settings of my blog to only allow comments from registered users. Sorry if you aren't a registered user (mom, dad, Vicki, etc), but maybe this will be the push you need to become one! You don't have to actually have a blog in order to be a registered user. But I digress....

Have a happy Friday and a fabulous, autumn-like weekend, everyone!!!



m@ malette said...

Yep- That was happening on my blog, too. For example, "The planet's intelligence is constant, the population is growing- Check out these cheesecake recipies!!!". Ug.

gloria said...

Ah! just got my first blog spam today! fabulous!