Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Sick kitty :(

I took Ruby to the vet yesterday afternoon. After she endured a thermometer up her butt, a finger practically down her throat, and a variety of x-rays, we found out that she has something in her stomach, abstructing the normal flow of things in her digestive tract. I left her at the clinic last night. They gave her barium (yum!) and took pictures today to see how the barium was moving through her. When I talked to the doctor today, she was pretty confident that the object (whatever it is) is too big to move past her stomach and unlikely to come back up in vomit (lovely). So, they are doing surgery tomorrow. The doctor said there really isn't a reason to wait with the surgery, and since Ruby is stable today, they are just going to go ahead with it.

Price tag? Not pretty. Luckily they have a reasonable monthly payment plan. They also have a special fund for situations like this, when the expenses are a little unexpected, and they are donating $100 from that to our bill. That was a nice surprise.

So our little baby is at the vet for another night and Maddie is wondering what the heck we did with her sister. :)

And I'm DYING to find out what in the world she swallowed! This will be good practice for having real babies in the house--picking up our crap so they don't put it in their mouths!

Update to follow...


-Lisa- said...

Aww... poor kitty!! Sounds like she has a few rough days ahead of her :(.

I have to admit, I laughed at the end... I can't wait to find out what it is either!

ashley rebekah said...

wow, you simply MUST tell me what vet this is that provides PAYMENT PLANS.

with two dogs who love to chew and eat and swallow everything and anything, it's a matter of when, not if, our dogs ingest something that plugs 'em up. i will not be able to afford that surgery, and will not be able to live without percy and hudson.

so please, advise.