Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Caution: stressed blogger ahead

It's the middle of summer.
I'm a teacher.
I shouldn't be stressed.

But I am. Everything in my world is so overwhelming right now.

I have a super hyper young adult lit class for my reading licensure. The reading requirement for the six-week class is 50 adolescent novels. Luckily, I'm reading number 45 right now. So I'm almost done, but there are a bunch of other requirements for the class. Unfortunately, one is a "group project" which will require the coordinating of four schedules. And the professor is driving me up the wall! I hate when that happens!

The last step of the reading licensure is a reading clinic at a year-round school in Minneapolis. This starts tomorrow. If you looked at the preparedness of the program, you'd think it was starting in a month. I don't have a clue what I am supposed to teach tomorrow morning. Luckily I only have four kids for an hour at a time. I'm sure I can pull something together.

Ruby, one of our cats, is sick. I have been cleaning up after her since Friday. We'll be going to the vet in about an hour. They practically charge you just for walking in. It should be fun.

I am in the middle of physical therapy for my weak running knees. It's a great thing and I know it's helping, but sometimes it's the last thing I have time to go do.

I WANT TO PAINT MY HOUSE! I bought everything I would need in May. I haven't gotten a chance to touch anything yet. I'm dying to get it done. But I need to find time to start. I was looking forward to getting it over with and enjoying the new look. Now my goal is just to be done by the time school starts.

I can't believe I mentioned school starting. Before you know it, Target's seasonal department will be stocked with notebooks and pencils, and teachers everywhere will think "What on earth did I do with my summer?"

I am confident that I will have an answer for that question.


jeffmacsimus said...

I'm confident of that, too. The answer may just not be a happy one. :-) Keep swingin, sister, you'll make it.

gloria said...

Hello Erin, good to hear from you. I have no words -- just wanted to let you know I was here.

-Lisa- said...

hey dear,
as you know... i feel your overwhelming feelings! I hope your day went well... how's your kitty?