Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Oh, depressing

I saw a "back to school" commercial today. It was for Walmart.

I never did like that store.


Danb said...

AHHHHhh! thats gotta be depressing... Here's to a FANTASTIC couple of weeks till ya have to go back!

Love ya!

Jan said...

My son has the same reaction... : (

With only one child at home now the start of school has new meaning--only three more years of first days and then he is gone away too... : (

-Lisa- said...

Angela also had the same reaction! It is an awful store... Isn't there atleast a month until you really need to start thinking about school?

Susanne said...


here in Wiesbaden/Germany the summer school holiday only start in about 2 weeks. We have no children, only a dog who has to go to the pet-school on weekends.

But we also have Walmart here. They are always only looking for their own benefit and do not care about peoples feelings.

Best regards from Wiesbaden


gloria said...

I never liked that store either... but when i was little I used to love going back to school. Now, I am excited for Livy to go back (2nd grade) and for Gunnar to start Kindergarten (wow!) but I will really miss them.