Thursday, May 06, 2010

I was on such a roll....

.....and then life got in the way. Let's see....

We've all completely healed from the stomach bug. Although now Leah has a runny nose and little cough, and I seem to have a sore throat that I'm hoping ends there. But it probably won't.

Jack goes through at least a half ream of paper every day. Okay, that might be exaggerated, but not by much! This kid draws ALL DAY LONG. It cracks me up. He is SUCH a perfectionist (gee, where does he get that?) and kind of freaks out when he messes up. Which, in his opinion, he does quite frequently.

Leah is taking more and more steps these days. She is kind of hilarious when she does it. If she doesn't get her balance first, she looks completely drunk. Too funny. I love this early walker stage. :)

I'm sad that our lovely spring weather has turned chilly again. The high tomorrow is 48 degrees and it's supposed to rain all day. Yuck! Give me a NICE May day so I can take a nice walk with my kids!

It's time for bed. I can actually hear it calling my name. :) But I promise to write something more interesting this weekend!

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Katie said...

Cole isn't walking yet. It seems like all these babies that are younger are totally beating him in everything. Oh well. In his own time I suppose. Go Leah!