Tuesday, May 11, 2010

ten months

Baby Leah,

Just how long will it be okay to call you that? Because everyone still does, you know. Even though you're quickly exiting this "baby" phase! Oh well. I think it's cute. And you're still my baby! Maybe you always will be my baby! You could be 35 years old and still be "baby Leah." So get used to it, chica.

This month has been characterized by ILLNESS! And it's not over. It all started with a diaper rash. At your 9-month appointment, Dr. Benson took a look and said, "Hmmm....that looks yeasty." So we used some cream left over from my misdiagnosis of thrush to get rid of your "yeasty" rash. And it worked wonderfully! But we had to be in disposable diapers for a while, lest the cream ruin your cloth. We were just about done treating your rash when we all ended up with an awful stomach bug. Jack started it. And like the wonderful mother that I am, I taught him to share, and he did! Dad got it next, then me, and unfortunately, then you. Needless to say, we continued with the disposable diapers for about another week. Your poor little tummy. Once that was all done, you started getting a runny nose. Then you had a fever. Then you developed a cough, which you are still dealing with. Luckily, it's not affecting your sleep much (other than the occasional "shorter than it should be" nap). So when this little cold is gone, I'd really like you to be all better for a while. Okay? And I think you'd enjoy being healthy too, so it's a win-win.

You weighed in at 20lb 10oz at your 9-month appointment. That means you're off the charts for length and in the 80th percentile for weight. It's the first time you haven't been at the top of the curve for weight, so it feels a little weird. But the doctor assured me that you're still growing just fine. It's just weird because Jack was this size at FOUR months. Yeah, your brother was a porker. :) You certainly aren't slowing down in the "eating" department. You still love food SO much. Particularly dairy--cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese--so it's a good thing that little stint with the milk protein intolerance didn't last!

How big is Leah? SO BIG!!! Yes, this is your new trick. :) Along with clapping and going night-night (tilting your head over like you're sleeping). Yup, you've got a slew of party tricks! It's fun. And you're so expressive. You talk all the time. Not with words anyone can understand, but it's still darn cute. And I'm sure you are trying to tell us something very important. So keep trying--we'll hear it one of these days.

Sunday was Mother's Day--my fourth, but my first with you! It was a lovely, relaxing day. I'm sure to you it just felt like any other Sunday. But SOMEDAY this day will be marked with you making me breakfast in bed and showering me with affection. ;)

Frankly dear, I'd love to write more, but you are crying at my feet. It's rather pathetic, actually. You don't need anything. You just want me. And that's just fine with me! That's what I'm here for. Happy 10 months. And don't even remind me that that means one year is only two months away. It's going too fast. :)

Love you, babe.


emilyhansen said...

What a great mom you are Erin. So fun to read all that you do with your lovely children! 10 months already- I remember when she was born like it was just yesterday!

Mom said...

I'm with Emily. It does seem like just yesterday!! Dad and I are just cracking up reading what you've written. We love you all so much it's almost ridiculous!!! As always, thanks for being such a wonderful mom. :)

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