Monday, January 01, 2007

Jack at Christmas

Here are some photos from last week.

Here is Jack is his first chair gift. My brother-in-law sanded and painted this for him, and he loves it! It's pretty cute.

In transit. Since both of our families are in town, we do a lot of driving Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. What a trouper!

Chair gift #2. We got him a great chair from Pottery Barn Kids. He promptly climbed onto it, stood against the back, and fell right over. But he's learning to sit. And we're learning to put it against things so the falling over can't happen. He's also sporting his "Hugh Hefner pajamas" in this photo. They are little man pajamas, and they're super cute. But the first time he wore them, Dan put them on him and brought him out to me with the top button undone. I said, "Daniel! He looks like Hugh Hefner!"

More soon. We're getting bad at taking pictures, so hang in there with us. :)

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Anonymous said...

wow... what a cute child

he looks so happy!

keep the pictures coming