Tuesday, January 02, 2007

"I think I would have liked that man"

I said this to my mom the other day in reference to former president Gerald Ford. I remember feeling the same way about Reagan when he died. I was not alive during Ford's administration, and I was eight years old when Reagan left office. So during Reagan's funeral two and a half years ago and during Ford's right now, I feel like I am learning so much about these men. These are surely men who would have had my vote. :) And Ford's situation in particular just can't be beat. This poor guy wasn't elected anything, and all of a sudden he's in charge of a country that is a mess! No thanks! Anyway, television today is bound to be filled with more memories of this former president, and I'm glad I'm still "on vacation" and able to watch it.

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Anonymous said...

GF is was a great person. i know, I meat him once at an ice cream shop.

that was one cool dude!

love your site!