Saturday, January 20, 2007


So, I had a really bizarre dream this morning. Here it is, as written to Ashley, who was the other main character in the story:

The beginning was an episode of 24 and I was flying in a plane with Bill Buchanan (one of the main characters). We ended up picking up who we thought to be a terrorist. She was actually on the good side, but she made us almost crash the plane in Maple Grove. Except, as you headed east in Maple Grove, instead of hitting Osseo, there were a bunch of mountains. After landing/semi-crashing the plane, I headed to my parents' house, which was actually at the Gap. And you were there! You came over for dinner and you were eating salad when I walked in. You asked me if you could have more dressing. My dad said that there was more "sausage dressing" in the fridge, but the thought of that almost made you throw up. So I cam back in with "Lite Italian" and it already had croutons in the bottle. After giving you the dressing, I decided to take Jack and my brother to go climb the aforementioned mountains. But we got halfway up and had to stop because they had painted the mountains and they were slippery. Then I came back to the house (aka Gap) and soon after, I woke up.

Anyone wanna take this one? I think it means that I was simply not sleeping deeply enough. :)


ashley rebekah said...

i think it means you were sleeping TOO deeply. or perhaps you had sausage right before you went to bed?

julie said...

i have no idea what it means. but since your rockstar dream didn't come true, perhaps we can just relish the belief that this one won't either... :)

but either way, i love your dreams!

Mbolton said...

Oh, I could have so much fun with this one. Wait... I already did. :)