Friday, March 31, 2017

Steven Curtis Chapman | 2007-2011

Happy Friday! Here's Day 5!

Chapman released This Moment in 2007 and it included the very sweet "Cinderella." :)

Honorable mentions go to "Children of God" and "Yours."

Next up was 2009's Beauty Will Rise, which was his first album after the loss of his daughter Maria. So many songs on this album have come to mean so much to me, but I had to go with the title track for sure.

As well as "Spring is Coming."

Honorable mention goes to the very dear "February 20th." So beautiful.

Chapman released another "best of" type album, re-creation, which included some new songs, some old songs, and some remixes of old songs. One of the new songs on the album, "Do Everything," became a bit of an anthem for me as a young mom. Plus, the video is adorable. :)

And the honorable mention for this album is another of the new songs, "Long Way Home."

One day left in our trip! See you tomorrow!

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