Thursday, March 30, 2017

Steven Curtis Chapman | 2001-2004

Happy Day 4!

Chapman's first album of the new millennium was 2001's Declaration. I had to go with two again here--the first is "God is God."

Second up is "See the Glory." Chapman co-wrote this with his son Caleb!

Honorable mentions go to "Live Out Loud" (which is a cute music video) and "Magnificent Obsession." :)

Chapman released All About Love in 2003, which was an album mostly full of songs he'd written for his wife Mary Beth. It was also the first album that included cover songs--"I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" and "I'll Take Care of You." My first pick from this album is "We Will Dance."

And the non-"love" song on the album, "Moment Made for Worshipping."

Honorable mention goes to the title track, "All About Love."

Last album for today is 2004's All Things New. I had to pick "Only Getting Started" because it features (sort of) local boy Jonny Lang (who became a Christian in 2000)!

Honorable mentions go to the title track, "All Things New" as well as "Much of You."

Some of my favorites coming the next two days! Stay tuned!

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