Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Steven Curtis Chapman | 1990-1994

Welcome to Day 2!

Chapman's fourth album was For the Sake of the Call and I had to go with the title track for this pick. It's such a great song! And our youth choir sang it a million years ago, so it's even more special. :)

I have to share a second video. "No Better Place" was a classic "encore" song in a lot of his concerts and I can still picture him running through the crowd on one of the last choruses. :)

Honorable mentions go to "Busy Man" and "You Know Better."

Next up was The Great Adventure! I obviously picked the title track because it was his very first music video. Please just take in the mid-90s goodness! And also count the costume changes. ;)

Honorable mentions go to "Go There With You" and "That's Paradise."

Last for today is Heaven in the Real World. I have to share the title track because I think it's a really cool video.

I also have to share "Remember Your Chains" since, as I shared in Sunday's post, it's the song I can pinpoint as my "come to Jesus" moment. ;)

Honorable mentions go to "King of the Jungle" and "Treasure of You."

Come back tomorrow as we finish out the 90s!

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