Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Got milk?

Nope. It appears that Leah has a milk protein intolerance, so I've cut dairy out of my diet indefinitely. Or really, for as long as I want to keep nursing. And since the alternative is feeding her a SUPER expensive formula, I'm going to deal with the dairy-free diet.
Automatically, I thought, "Wow, I'm going to miss milk. And cheese. And yogurt." But then I realized just HOW MANY things have milk products in them. The great thing is that since milk is such a common allergen, it will be listed in bold underneath the ingredient list with any others (nuts, wheat, etc). So it's usually pretty easy to spot something I need to avoid. And I'm starting to get used to what I can have. For instance, some brands of spaghetti sauce have dairy and some don't. Some taco seasoning has it, some doesn't. Duncan Hines (cakes and brownie mixes) is about the only brand without dairy. Oreos don't have dairy. :)
Now, I love chocolate, but I never realized how much I count on a piece of chocolate (like a Dove promise or a few chocolate chips) after dinner. Well, most chocolate has milk. Even dark chocolate has "milk fat." (Sounds lovely, right?) But today at Target, I found this:
And it's awesome. No milk or milk fat or anything else dairy. Love it.


Trish said...

good for you! That formula is crazy expensive. Pretty sure i lost weight when i went off dairy for 6 weeks while nursing. That was the ONLY pleasant thing about it. You will welcome back cheese when the time is right :D

Anonymous said...

How did you figure that out before you got the doctor test? What made you suspect milk?

Jennifer said...

I'm so sorry I haven't given all my milk free tid-bits! Another good one is Hunts Lemon Meringue pudding cups. Be careful about things like Oreos and Bisquick....things that have a "Circle D" on the front could be a problem even if the ingredients don't list "MILK". To be sure there is NO dairy, look for things that are "parvae". Paige was fine with "circle D foods for a while, but has recently had some bad reactions. Do some reading on Kosher eating and that will help. :)

-Lisa- said...

awesome. i LOVE dark chocolate. i'm glad you found this little treat!! you deserve it, for sure!! :)