Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bad news.

I reintroduced dairy on Thanksgiving. It was glorious. Especially when I realized the only thing I could have eaten was the turkey. :) So I continued to eat normally--not totally indulging on dairy, but not avoiding it either. I've been meticulously checking Leah's diapers and they've been fine.

Until this morning. If I was inspecting so closely, I probably wouldn't have even seen it. But it was there. Two little streaks of blood. Just like they looked a month ago when they first appeared.

Shoot! It's totally worth it, but I'm bummed. :(


Lisa said...

What does the blood actually mean? Is it painful for her? Is she fussy or gassy when you eat dairy?

Heidi said...

Big, huge bummer :( Sorry!

Alissa said...
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Alissa said...

What a bummer...I hope Leah is feeling ok! Just remember you won't be giving up dairy forever, just a year or so! :-)