Wednesday, November 11, 2009

four months


WHAT? You're FOUR months? Who on EARTH let you turn FOUR MONTHS? Seriously, this is all just going so fast. But I'm loving every moment of it (well, most every moment), so don't stop. I'm sure you're just going to get cuter and more irresistible.

I was just telling someone the other day that I looked back at some pictures from our trip to the cabin this past August, and you don't even look like the same baby! You were so tiny (well, it's all relative) and looked so much more like a BABY. Now you look like a little GIRL! And you just keep growing. You seem to outgrow clothes in a matter of weeks. Which is probably good because they're all terribly spit-up stained by then anyway. :) Yes, you are definitely following in your brother's footsteps with your spitting up. I'm just hoping you outgrow it around six months like he did!

I had the depressing realization yesterday that I haven't had a decent night's sleep in four months. Let's do something about that, shall we? Like, I don't know, stay asleep longer than three hours at a time? Please? Pretty please? More sleep might just make me an even BETTER mom! Oh, whatever. You'll get there. And I'm sure pretty soon I'll miss your cuddly little body next to mine in the middle of the night when you decide you want to stay in your crib all by yourself.

This month marked your first Halloween! You weren't impressed. You were a very cute little pumpkin! But you hardly stayed awake to witness much trick-or-treating. I think next year will be much more exciting!

Now we're getting excited for your first Thanksgiving. Not that it will be much different than any other day for you, other than some extra guests. And you'll get to watch us eat all kinds of yummy food. Sorry, we can't share it with you just yet. You're staying on the same diet for a couple more months. Speaking of which, we're conducting a little experiment. You seemed to have a little intestinal distress, so I'm cutting all dairy out of my diet. The distress seems to have disappeared, which makes me a little sad because the dairy-free diet kind of stinks. The doctor would like me to try reintroducing dairy in a few weeks, just to makes sure that, and not just a small tear, was the cause of some blood in your diaper. So, in the next few weeks, could you PLEASE decide that you DO like dairy and that your intestinal system CAN handle milk products? Because, seriously, it's in everything. Hot dog buns. Hot dog buns, Leah!

I think you're becoming more aware of your brother. I'm not sure what took you so long--he's been cupping your cheeks and kissing your face since the day you were born. And every time you wake up from a nap, he wants to come give you a hug and a kiss! But now you're really responding to him--smiles and laughs--and it totally makes his day! "Mommy, Leah smiled at me!" I mean, we ALL get excited when you smile and laugh. It's priceless. :)

Until next month, sweet baby! Love you lots and lots.



Heidi said...

So, Berlin had a gassy aversion to dairy when she was little too, but it mainly was in "hardcore" forms - like actual milk or cheese. I bet you when you try it in a few weeks you will totally be able to eat the not so raw forms of dairy (like hot dog buns:)) even if you can't start eating milk and cheese again...just trying for some encouragement here ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow...she is starting to look so much like Dan!

Erin Bennett said...

Thanks, Heidi. :)
Anon, who are you??

Carolyn said...

I'm so glad to hear everything is going so well! Gives me hope for when my turn with #2 comes around. :)

She is just adorable, by the way!

Marian Carroll said...

Wow! She's cute!

Anonymous said...

I love that you continue to write to her, not just your outside audience. She'll love that when she can read about how much love you all have for her. I think she looks a lot like her big brother...and what happened to the dark hair? Maybe it'll come back so she looks as beautiful as her mommy...or stay beautiful just the way she is. It's fun to watch her grow. Thanks for sharing.