Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pet peeve

I hate when companies use incorrect grammar. You know, like the express line at Cub that allows "10 items or less" instead of "10 items or fewer." Well, I've got a new one, and I just can't believe it every time I see the commercial. Outback Steakhouse's new slogan is "Live Adventurous." Seriously. I kind of cringe. Mostly because, to me, it makes the company sound uneducated. Not that I pick my steakhouses based on their education level, but it's annoying. But also, having taught middle school reading and tried my darnedest to instill correct grammar into their little heads, it bugs me to see stuff like this. Because they're going to take anything "advertised" as correct. Bummer.

p.s. If you're driving yourself crazy trying to figure out what's wrong with the slogan, click here.


Jennifer said...

Mike found a grammar error on the site for the company he works for part time. He e-mailed them to kindly let them know.....they e-mailed back and said "nope, its correct!" It isn't. What ev.

Heidi said...

I love this post. I feel the exact same way.