Sunday, October 11, 2009

three months


Look at me! I'm actually writing your letter ON your three-month birthday. Not a few days later. I can tell you're not impressed. Well, I am.

You're three months! Or, as I said to Mimi today, you're halfway to solid food! That sounds even weirder. You can't be one fourth of the way to your first birthday! It's going too fast! Slow down! Actually, you just get more delightful every day, so keep going. Your newest delightful feature is talking. Not that you're carrying on actual conversations with us or anything, but the sounds you make combined with your facial expressions are just to die for. You're so responsive, and I can tell you are actually trying to tell us something. It's just so sweet. I got to experience your first laugh a few weeks ago (you've been stingy with them since then, however), and it was the most amazing sound ever! It made my day. Of course, I couldn't replicate whatever I did that made you chuckle, and even if I could have, you probably wouldn't have found it funny again. You're fickle like that. :)

Sleep. You still don't like it, but I think we're getting somewhere. And we have MIMI to thank for it. All it took was Daddy and me going to a Twins game and dropping you and Jack off at Mimi and Poppa's house for the evening. Mimi miraculously got you to fall asleep on your own, on your belly, and you stayed that way for over three hours. You probably would have stayed there even longer if we hadn't gotten you up to take you home. But it's definitely started a good trend--you go down awake for naps and at bed and only fuss for a little bit. Your naps are starting to get a little longer too, which is nice. I just hope they start to affect your nighttime sleep because I'm tired. Although, I do secretly love bringing you back into bed with me when you wake up very early in the morning. It's cozy, especially now that it's a little chilly in the house. And you wake me up with that intoxicating chatting I mentioned. Oh, I could just eat you up!

I'm feeling kind of guilty for not getting out and enjoying a lot of warm summer days (all eight of them) because now it's FREEZING. I am still holding out hope for a nice, warm Indian summer. I won't hold my breath, but it would be awfully nice. Then we could enjoy our brand new stroller! Or maybe we'll just have to break it in next spring. :(

You certainly don't enjoy being in the car. I'm considering getting your next car seat soon, even though you won't need it for a few more months. Maybe you'd just like being a little more upright and seeing the world outside! But seriously, do you have to scream so loud when we're driving to Target? I mean, it's not like I'm going to leave you in the car. And it's not like you're just being crabby and the car ride is ill-timed, because as soon as I have you out, you're all, "Oh my GOSH, thank you for saving me from that God-forsaken vehicle!" and you stop whining and even offer a smile. Whatever, kid. It could be a lot worse than an '05 Honda Odyssey, let me tell you.

Well, my dear, it's another month in the record books. Er, the baby books. We have so much to look forward to in the next few, so I know you'll keep us on our toes! But thanks for everything you've already brought to our family. You're a beautiful girl.



Mom said...

Thanks for being such a fabulous mom to my two sweet grandchildren. You continue to amaze me!

Anonymous said...

Leah looks EXACTLY like Dan!!!