Sunday, August 03, 2008

Jackson's first Twins game!

Okay, technically his first Twins game was a month into my pregnancy, but I'm guessing he doesn't remember much from it. :) We are on "stay"cation this week, and our first activity was today's afternoon game against Cleveland. Jack had a blast! He loves watching baseball on TV, and he was very excited to see the Twins live. Here are some shots:This is Jack on the roof of our car after making a stop at the Twins Pro Shop in Minnetonka to get tickets and his shirt and hat. Now we're ready!

From the moment we entered the dome, he covered his ears. "Noisy! Cover ears!" :) He did get used to it eventually and then he used his hands for clapping!

With daddy. He actually knew I was taking the picture and refused to look at me! Silly kid.

Eating his first metrodome hotdog. Yum!

Here is Jack on Dan's shoulders talking to the usher. Jack got a little restless and they took a little walk.

All three of us before leaving. But we lasted five whole innings! Pretty impressive if you ask me. :)

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MrsGiggles said...

First off, I'm so sorry for your loss.

Second, I really enjoyed the pics from the game. I'm jealous! And definitely impressed with 5 innings. Tyler usually lasts 7, but that's just the summer college games so they are much faster and have lots of excitement between innings. We'll be going to see the Twins the end of September when we visit our friends in Buffalo. can't wait! :-)