Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Here's one we haven't had yet - pink eye! Jack went to bed with a fever last night, and it was slightly worse this morning. So I called us both in sick and took him to the Minute Clinic (my new favorite invention) at CVS. My guess was another ear infection (his most recent one was a few weeks ago, and he was only on antibiotics for a week), but his ears looked fine. The culprit? The goop that I've been wiping out of his eyes for three days. Oops! I totally missed that one. So the nurse practitioner tells me that I should continue with tylenol for the fever and that she'll fill a prescription for eye drops. FREEZE! You've been struggling to take his temperature, look in his ears, and listen to his breathing, and you expect me to get DROPS into his EYES? HA! She kindly explained that it was the only way to treat pink eye, which is caused by a virus. So we wandered around the store until our prescription was ready and went on our way. I decided to attempt the drops after lunch, so as Jack ate at the table I decided to really play it up. "Jack! Wanna see your medicine?" Jack: "Yeah!" "Okay, this little vial has eye drops in it. (I tip my head back and pretend to squeeze a drop into my own eye). This kind of medicine goes in your eyes!" Jack: "Yeah!" So we finished lunch and I said, 'Jack, do you want to go put the eyedrops in your eyes now?" "YEAH!" I laid him on his changing table and held open one eye. Drip. Blink. Success. Next eye open. Drip. Blink. Success. And Jack's reaction? "AGAIN!" I said, "We will, but not until later when you wake up from your nap." Goofy kid.

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Jenny, Mike and Paige said...

wow, thats funny. Paige's new favorite activity (no joke) is nasal aspiration. She giggles after each nostril gets sucked out. Kids are weird. Hope he feels better soon. :(