Friday, August 22, 2008


You know how when you're getting groceries, and the cashier hands you the receipt, sometimes there is also a coupon? Well, usually the coupon is related to something you have bought. I've noticed recently, though, that they are often the opposite brand of the one you bought. For instance, if you bought Dannon yogurt, they'll give you a coupon for Yoplait. Or if you bought Huggies, you'll get one for Pampers. This makes me chuckle everytime I get them--mostly because I am faithful to my brands. Normally, those brands are the store brands, but if I have something I like (Jif peanut butter), I am not going to buy the "other" brand (Skippy) just because I can get 25 cents off!
Well, this coupon irony took an even funnier turn last night. We're having a friend for dinner tonight, so I went to Cub to buy everything I needed to make one of my favorite pasta dishes. So I get to the register with a box of penne, a head of garlic, a can of tomatoes, a carton of half and half, a bag of parmesan cheese, a bunch of parsley, a container of basil, and a package of proscuitto, along with some bread and a salad. After I paid, and was about to go back to bagging my groceries, I stuffed the receipt in my purse. Under the receipt was one of those silly coupons. But not for Creamette (I'd bought Barilla). Not for Contadina tomatoes (I'd bought Hunt). Not for Kraft cheese (I'd bought the Cub brand).

The coupon was for Stouffer's frozen lasagna.


-Lisa- said...

that's hilarious! I had to tell my mom about it as well... we both had a good laugh about it.

Holly said...

That is so funny--and a little creepy! How do they know???

Alissa said...

that is SOOOO funny! a bonus of living back in WI - we don't have to bag our own groceries anymore! :-)