Thursday, August 07, 2008

Children's Museum!

I can't believe this was our first trip here, but Jack LOVED it. We will definitely be back. :)

Working the gears with Daddy.

In a hollow log.

In a tree!

Being a beaver, swimming toward his dam.

On an ant. We couldn't get him out of the ant tunnels, he loved them so much!

Sliding down the stairs. They could probably make that an attraction in itself. :)

Driving the pretend bus.

Being a construction worker.

Being a fire fighter. The uniform came with boots, but they came up to his crotch and kind of freaked him out. :)

Playing with sand.

Playing with ping pong balls in water. I didn't really understand it, but it sure kept his attention!


Racing boats with Daddy.

Working in the factory.

How much does Jack weigh? (35 pounds!)

Being silly with Mommy. He asked me to build a truck. When I said I didn't know how, he pretended to take a nap.

Sliding down the pyramid.

A bear hug with Daddy.

Ah, a busy morning definitely means a nap in the car!

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