Wednesday, October 19, 2005

So much to say!

Hello, all. I feel very sporadic in blogworld of late. I think school has once again taken over many areas of my life. But, 'tis MEA weekend. The time when teachers rejoice, for they weren't sure how much longer they could last without a day off. So, I will take the time to write. Nothing profound, but something.

I was thinking about pet peeves the other day. It was weird. It felt like so many of my pet peeves were happening in a very short period of time. I will share a few with you. Come on, peeve with me. Nope, that sounds weird.

1) Stupid drivers. This is a very general pet peeve. The thing that happened the other day was just beyond insane. If a driver wishes to turn right onto Weaver Lake Road from East Fish Lake Road, he or she must wait until a green light. There are two or three signs clearly stating "No Turn on Red." I have seen people ignore this rule many times. On one occasion, I even saw one get caught by a lurking police officer. On this particular morning this week, I was the first in line to turn right. I was waiting patiently for the green arrow. The idiot behind me just thought I was out to lunch. He proceeded to honk as if I could go and just wasn't watching. I ended up getting a kick out of watching him fuming behind me.

2) Parents who make excuses for their kids. We had parent/teacher conferences last week and the week before, so we experienced this one more than once. One particular mother heard her son was passing every class except for reading (mine), and proceeded to explain it away with a family history of illiteracy. I wasn't impressed. Besides the fact that her son isn't passing because he has failed to turn in numerous assignments. But whatever. They'll hear what they want to hear. And apparently say whatever the hell they want to say.

3) People who announce how much their clothes cost. Scenario:
Beth: Hey, Heather. Cute shirt!
Heather: Thanks! It was $20.
Beth: Wow, that's a great deal.
Me (safely in my own head): Who cares?
My general rule about announcing prices about what you are wearing: It's only acceptable if you bought something at Tiffany's for less than $20.

Well, enough ranting. Now, onto some more exciting stuff.

Dan and I had dinner at France 44 with the Malettes tonight. Besides the fact that it rocked, we saw Frank Vascellaro (KARE11 news anchor) and his wife Amelia Santaniello (WCCO news anchor) . I only watch KARE11, but I'm not a fan of Frank. He kind of bugs. But still, it was like our own little celebrity sighting. I know, I'm kind of pathetic. When I worked at Brueggers as a high schooler, Tim McNiff (KARE11 sports turned morning anchor) used to come in all the time. I guess I miss it.

Tomorrow's exciting event is my 20-week ultrasound. We are (hopefully) finding out if we are having a boy or a girl. You know, as long as "it" is facing the right way to see "stuff." Or the lack of "stuff," I guess... So that will be fun. I want to name this child. I will tell you all, in blog form, but not until after Saturday night. That's when my parents are finding out!

I have to go now. Through the course of writing this blog, I have somehow gotten into an episode of Martha Stewart Apprentice. I have to go watch the boardroom now. Oh my, who will get fired? Of more concern is why I care. :)


-Lisa- said...

"Come on, peeve with me"
::enter laughter!::
(i think Becky G. did that with me in Haiti.. something about staring down the cockroaches.. eew)

Are you sure you're going to tell us the babie's name... what if someone takes it??

haha... jk

gloria said...

You are twenty weeks already!!! Oh my gosh, how exciting! I hope your baby cooperates. :)