Saturday, October 08, 2005

My turn

So, there's this awesome website discovered by Ashley and blogged about by Jan, Jeff, and Christi. When you type the year you graduated into "search," you can see the top 100 songs of "your time."

Well, as Christi is the self-proclaimed granny of the group, I'm going to have to label myself the baby. Sadly enough, some of these songs are still on the radio quite frequently.

Without further ado, a portion of the top 100 songs of 1999:
1. Believe, Cher
2. No Scrubs, TLC
5. ...Baby One More Time, Britney Spears
6. Kiss Me, Sixpence None the Richer
7. Genie in a Bottle, Christina Aguilera
8. Every Morning, Sugar Ray
10. Livin' La Vida Loca, Ricky Martin
13. Slide, Goo Goo Dolls
15. I Want it That Way, Backstreet Boys
17. All Star, Smash Mouth
22. Save Tonight, Eagle-Eye Cherry
32. That Don't Impress Me Much, Shania Twain
33. Wild Wild West, Will Smith
42. Mambo No. 5, Lou Bega

And the list goes on and on and on. It was a big year for Shania Twain, Goo Goo Dolls, Britney Spears, and Sarah McLachlan. Not to mention the fact that boy bands as we now know them were just making their mark on the music world.

Here's one more interesting piece of 1999 music trivia, speaking of boy bands. The number 45 song was "(God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time" performed by N*Sync. The number 100 song is the same title performed by the country group Alabama. Whoa.

So check this out. And if you're like me, you'll be humming a different song every other minute for the rest of the day. Enjoy!


sleeping with bread said...

"baby" . . . you're right . . . I've been humming all day long . . . and re-membering . . .

-Lisa- said...

Oh, we are the 99ers! Woop Woop! :)

I hated the #1 song, and #10... for two totally separate reasons. First is because they played "Believe" at Kalico in Haiti over and over... remember that? UGH... it was just wrong!

Second... I will forever remember Livin' La Vida Loca and prom. I know they only played it once, but for some reason I get this image of my date dancing to it and it makes me cringe.

jeffmacsimus said...

OK, you're coming close to me in terms of the outright cheese factor, but I still say Milli Vanilli trumps all, baby...