Friday, April 09, 2010

This is what happens when I clean!

I come across really random stuff. Like the time I cleaned out the bathroom closet and found three full boxes of Q-tips and my positive pregnancy tests from both Jack and Leah (ick!).

In a junk drawer in our bedroom, I found a piece of note paper that had been used as a bookmark when I read Grace Eventually by Anne Lamott a couple years ago. I wrote a couple small quotes on it that made me want to pick up the book again. So I think I might. I'm between book club books right now and just finished another rather dull novel, so I could use something a little more inspiring. :)

"Jesus is saying that we could be aware of, filled with, and saved by the presence of holy beauty, rather than worship golden calves."

"You want to know how big God's love is? The answer is: It's very big. It's bigger than you're comfortable with."

I love Anne.

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amy + ryan said...

hahaha! The positive pregnancy tests! I love this. hahahhaaa....