Monday, April 05, 2010

The Hills are Alive.....

Every Easter, you can find The Sound of Music somewhere on television. And even though we own the DVD and could pop it in anytime we want, it's somehow more exciting to catch it on TV and watch the whole thing. :) Last night, we finished dinner and were getting cleaned up when I remembered that it was going to be on. So I found it and started watching about an hour into it.

The Sound of Music is, hands down, my favorite movie. Ever. I can sing every line from every song. I'm sure I can recite much of it too. To this day, I simply ADORE Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. I watched it SO many times as a child that I lost count. But it was funny as I watched it last night. I remembered that the wedding was pretty much the end of the movie for me. Until I could appreciate the backdrop of the war and Nazi influence in Austria, the rest of the movie was just kind of boring for me. I thought, "Why wouldn't they just end with the wedding? It so pretty and happy!" :)

Also, I used to fast forward through the scene where Maria is in the Reverend Mother's chambers after she has run away from the Von Trapp's. I distinctly remember thinking the scene was really dark and depressing. The Reverend Mother sings "Climb Ev'ry Mountain," which was just the most horrible song in the movie. But now, of course, it's one of my favorites! That nun could sing! I also wasn't crazy about the scene where Captain Von Trapp finds Maria in the garden and professes his love for her. Really? Maybe it was just lost on my 8-year-old self who was simply waiting for the wedding. But now, I can't imagine not watching that part. I mean, sure, it's kind of corny when Maria starts singing "Perhaps I had a wicked childhood...." right after they kiss, but that's what makes musicals so amazing.

My favorite part was watching Jack watch it. He didn't last long, but he LOVED the puppet show scene. :)


Ann said...

Oh, that's my favorite too! Had the album ('cause I'm old), played it CONSTANTLY, fantasized about someday growing up to be Julie Andrews. Didn't appreciate the political backdrop until middle school; didn't appreciate Christopher Plummer until I was thirty. :-)

-Lisa- said...

The puppet scene was and still is my favorite part of the movie... and I'm with Katie, I think I'd still fast forward the "Climb Every Mountain" part... it was soooooo boring :) haha