Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Two for one

I'm a slacker, so I'm giving you two weeks' worth of vegetable-fetus comparisons. First, a carrot.

Baby Bennett was the length of a carrot last week. I'm not sure if that includes the green part. And as of tomorrow, (s)he will be the length of a spaghetti squash!

We're a bit hunkered down right now--just waiting for spring and the promise of fewer cold and flu outbreaks. I was on antibiotics last week for a sinus infection and ear infection. Jackson brought a stomach bug home from daycare over the weekend (he was kind enough not to share it with us, though). I've had a headache for two weeks. And the fact that we're supposed to wake up to 4-8 inches of snow does NOT help any of this. :)

We are having another ultrasound on March 16th to determine if Baby Bennett is, in fact, a girl. It will be wonderful to know with a little more certainty, since Jack is already calling her by name and talking about how well he will take care of her. Including making macaroni and cheese for her when she's hungry. Oh, what a helper. :)


amy + ryan said...

ah, what a sweetheart. i don't know about you, but to me, mac'n'cheese is like the ultimate expression of affection and caring. i'm so glad you get another chance to find out for sure!

my word of the day according to your blog comment form: gosant

Anonymous said...

Do you have any names picked out yet?


Alissa said...

I am so excited you get to have another ultrasound! YAY!! We have one a week from today and will (fingers crossed) hopefully find out the sex!!