Thursday, October 05, 2006

I love Fred

Rogers, that is. As in Mister Rogers. Mister Rogers' Neighborhood is by FAR my favorite children's show. And now that I spend my days with five children under the age of 3, I've seen my fair share of PBS. I love that they are still playing reruns of it. And what's fun is that they are reruns that I remember from when I was young! But honestly, he was a pretty amazing man. And I think I have more appreciation for what he does now that I'm an adult. And a mom. And a teacher. His corny little songs (all of which he wrote, by the way) are really so perfect! And his neighbors. And the fact that he changes into sneakers and a sweater at the beginning of every episode. And the traffic light in the middle of his house. And the neighborhood of make-believe. And his fish tank. And I could go on and on. Instead, if you want a little walk down memory lane, check out his website. I'm not ashamed to say that I have officially made naptime 1:30 so that we can all learn something from the neighborhood before snoozing. :)


gloria said...

five children under the age of five? What happened to middle school teacher. I was out of blogland for a bit there ... I must have missed something.

gloria said...

Oh my gosh! it's five children under the age of 3!!! that's even worse!