Wednesday, April 19, 2006

One month

My dearest Jackson Reed,

Today you are one month old. Happy birthday! One month ago, after 30 hours in labor, I held you for the first time and couldn't believe that you were finally here! After 9 months inside me, it was so fantastic to meet you!
Just the other day, I finally got some of our digital pictures printed at Target. As I looked through them today, I was shocked at how long ago that first day seems. You look so tiny and a little beat up. Honestly, we knew you'd be a cute baby, but you looked as though you'd been through a couple rounds with Tyson. Within a few days, though, you started to look a little more like a human. The most common comment that we got (and still get) from people is "Look how big his hands are!" You do have very big hands. Actually, you have big everything. You were a big newborn, and you haven't stopped growing!
The first night at home wasn't exactly ideal. We had let them take you to the nursery while we were at the hospital, and the nurse said that they had to wake you up to feed you. I thought that was such good news and that you were going to be a great sleeper! I was wrong. You had trouble even staying asleep unless I was holding you. So we spent much of the first few nights together sleeping in a chair in the bedroom. Pretty soon you got used to the bassinet. At this point, you are still waking up every couple of hours to nurse. But once in a while you sleep for 3 or 4 hours straight, and it's like heaven! I have faith that there will be more long stretches in the future. :)
We have brought you to church a few times, and you really like it. You just sleep through worship and wake up ready for a bottle from Dad just in time for Dave's sermon! How fun it will be to make new friends in the church nursery someday!
One of your favorite people in the world is your Mimi. Actually, YOU are one of HER favorite people. You do love her--you just don't know it yet. :) You have two pretty cool uncles who love you too, but only when you're happy.
Ever since you were brand new, you have smiled (and laughed!) in your sleep. Well, in just the last couple days, you have started smiling when you are awake, and it'st just the cutest thing. I feel like you are interacting with us. Today was the best timing smile so far. Your diaper was in desperate need of being changed. It was a terrible mess, and as I took it away, you decided it was a good time to pee. Once you were all diapered and dressed again, I put you on a blanket on the floor so I could clean up the changing table pad. As I was getting the new one on and taking care of the laundry, you very audibly filled your pants again. I looked down at you and said, "Did you just poop again?" And you smiled the biggest smile, as if to say right back to me, "Yup--just like to keep you on your toes!"
We're still getting the hang of outings. We've had some lovely days, and have tried to walk. You aren't crazy about the stroller, but you eventually fall asleep. Sometimes you are asleep when we start out, and then you wake up in the middle of the walk and cry all the way home. I'm sure people look at me like, "Gee, your child really seems to be enjoying that!" We've also tried to run errands a couple times. Sometimes you stay asleep the whole time. That is great. More often, though, you are awake and crabby, and I end up holding you in one arm and pushing my cart through the store with the other arm. Oh well. You'll learn.
One of my favorite things is that sometimes I'm the only one who can make you happy. I guess I just smell good. More than likely, I smell like milk and that's a good sign that you will get some of it in the near future. It's okay--it makes me feel needed.
I love you, dear one. You have blessed our hearts so much in just one month. We can't even begin to fathom what the next months and years will bring. You are an amazing gift from God to us.



Joy said...

Dear Erin, Dan and Jackson,
One month ago today your son entered our lives and we are all so much in love with this little guy. He is just wonderful! How delightful to watch him grow and respond with his smile.....did you ever think that a baby filling his diaper would be such a topic of conversation?
Blessings to you all from the other Grandma that loves Jackson also...and is madly in awe of your son!

julie said...

congratulations on making it this far, guys! it's so fun to hear about your days and to see how he's growing. i'm praying for the night he sleeps the whole way through!

-Lisa- said...

Erin, your words are so beautiful... one day he'll really love reading these...
and yes, let's go to La Jolla together someday! :) right up there on the list with Haiti