Friday, April 07, 2006

Jackson, week 3

We've gotten through yet another week! And our little man is just growing up. Here are some highlights:

Here is Jackson enjoying a new toy. Well, enjoying it might be a bit much. He tolerated it long enough for me to take a picture.

This is Jackson's content "I just ate" look. Some would say he looks drunk. What can I say--breast milk must be intoxicating!

This is Jackson with his Mimi (my mom). That's one of the sweetest faces he makes!

Maddie has recently started to realize that this little thing we brought home certainly takes a lot of our attention. She's one jealous kitty! Here's Dan doing double duty.

A bouncy seat like this is a must-have for new parents. This model vibrates, which Jackson apparently finds quite soothing. This is how we eat dinner. It's also how I take a shower every day!

Jackson hanging out with cool Uncle John.

We had a reunion last night with the couples and babies from our childbirth class. It was great to see everyone and hear their birth stories. Here are all of the babies together. Jackson is the one who is clearly peeved with all of us. I can see the report cards now--"Does not play nice with others." :) Here's a fun fact--Jackson is two months younger than the baby next to him with the striped shirt. They are about the same weight now. What a bruiser!

Well, there's the weekly installment. Enjoy your weekend!

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-Lisa- said...

i think i posted this last time, but i really need to see him again! :) i guess it'll have to be after i get back from Cali!
love you all!