Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Growing boy

Jackson seems big to me this week. Frankly, he seemed big when they plopped him on my belly immediately after delivery. But this week, he just seems to be growing. When I am holding him or changing him or just looking at him, I have to remind myself that he's only 3 1/2 weeks old. That's just brand new! Here are some cute pics.

I love this picture. He's on my shoulder, and clearly not having a great time. But his little face is just so precious!

Jackson is letting us know that he is very happy to be resting on Dad's shoulder.

This is Maddie. She is so starved for attention that she will let us do whatever we want with her. Including putting Jackson's hospital hat on her head. What a sweet girl.

Conked out with Mimi. We went for a walk in the lovely weather, which apparently wore him out!

Nothing like a naked baby! This is one of many changes that happens in a typical day. Just today, in fact, we had gone through three outfits by 4:00!

Jackson and I had our first major outing on Monday. I had to get fitted for a bridesmaid dress (something no woman should EVER have to do 3 weeks postpartum), so I dropped Jack off at my Aunt Sue's house. It was his first official babysitting experience, and I think he did quite well. :)

Time for bed. I really should be sleeping right now because my little man is sleeping. I'm getting better at "sleep when the baby sleeps." We took a nice hour-long nap yesterday. It's was heavenly!


Danb said...

Man I love that kid! =)

He's just so darn handsome.. =)

Love ya honney


MrsGiggles said...

Thanks for all the pics! Looks like things are going great...he's such a cutie!!

gloria said...

these photos are great! The one on Dan's shoulder is so sweet!